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Digital Marketing Agency - Princeton NJ

Internet Marketing Service for Local Businesses

We help local businesses get more customers using Search Engines, Social Media Platforms and Internet Advertisement. We provide services like SEO, PPC, Reputation Management, Web and App Development and Chatbot Development.

At 10X Digital Leads, Our Mission Is Simple

We want to help local businesses grow. We help businesses get more customers by optimizing their Website and Business Listing for Search Engines, run PPC and Social Media Ads, build Reputation by getting customer reviews on auto-pilot and create Chatbots which are very effective for lead generation. We specialize in Internet Marketing Services with a focus on solving Local Business Lead Generation problems

Our Services

Chatbot Development

Chatbot Development

Lead generation




Web Design and Development

Web Design

Fast website

Mobile friendly

Web development

Funnel building

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

PPC, YouTube and FB Ads

Conversion experts

Proven strategies

Content management

Our 3 Step Process

Strategic Plan

You schedule a 30-minutea demo. If we can help, we start building right away.


Step by step execution with crystal clear communication along the way.


No client falls through the cracks. Because we pay close attention to your results.

What Others Say About Our Service

"Experience is the key"

"SEO is complex and continuously changing and that's where you need experience and not experiments"

David H - VP

"Awesome team!"

"I am surprised the way this team works and gets you the results. They know exactly what needs to be done and how it needs to be done"

Mark P - Founder

"Just what I needed"

"We turned out to be the best fit for each other and their service is exactly what I was looking for"

Jane B - CEO

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is about using Internet, Email, Mobile phones, and other forms of digital media to advertise products and services. Digital Marketing is cost-effective compared to traditional form of advertisement like newspaper, billboards etc, but it also allows them to track which campaigns are most effective towards their target audience. You do not put your offer in front of everyone like traditional marketing but only to the targeted ones which reduces your cost and improves the effectiveness. Digital marketing service is also called Internet Marketing Service.

Digital marketing is more about marketing through Search Engines, Online advertisement, Social networks and through other Digital media. Digital marketing services are technology heavy and marketer must know about the technology very well in order for them to apply it effectively. Technology allows them to build marketing automation which leads to conversion. One of the example of marketing automation is chatbot. Chatbots can work 24/7, can chat with a human, answer questions, collect leads and even perform a checkout. Digital marketing solutions focuses on the customer than products or services along with effective targeting to get the best results.

What is a Digital Marketing Agency?

Any company which offers Internet marketing services to the businesses is called Digital Marketing Agency. A Digital marketing agency may or may not focus on all the aspects of the digital marketing. They may choose to provide expertise in only one area e.g. Search Engine Optimization or SEO which itself is a huge deal. Some agencies focus more on the paid advertisement like PPC or Facebook ads while others may just focus on Email marketing.

Digital marketing agencies sometimes also choose to work within a niche which means, they work with only one type of businesses so that they can get expertise about that niche and become more effective in applying internet marketing services for their clients. Dentist, Personal Injury Lawyer, Real Estate Professionals and Chiropractors are few examples of niches.

What does a Digital Marketing Agency do?

In general, as the name imply, main focus of the digital marketing agency is to market the products/services and generate leads for the business and this can be done by variety of ways. Some examples are, Search engine optimization or SEO, Reputation Management, Pay Per Click or PPC, Facebook Ads, Website design/development, Email marketing and Chatbot development. All of these areas produce leads and more business.

What is SEO and why it is important for your business?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of making sure that your website or business can be found by people when they search for it online. This is done by optimizing your website and business online and making it authoritative. SEO is also called Search Engine Marketing. SEO services are the key in any digital strategy aiming to generate leads for a B2C business.

What is a full-service Digital Marketing Agency?

A full-service digital agency provides all the services that a company needs to market its products or services effectively. Being a full-service means you need to have expertise in all the areas of digital marketing from branding to running effective campaigns and producing media for the marketing. It is a big promise which very few agencies can make. Branding alone requires a lot of expertise in the field of design and a range of tools to create brands.

A lot of the digital marketing companies working as full-service usually outsource their work since keeping such a big pool of experts is not easy and is very expensive and companies who have that, offer these services with a big price tag. Having a partner with experience in that area and working with them has been very effective for digital agencies. These partners can create media and branding for your clients, run campaigns, perform search engine optimizations, improve online presence at an affordable rate.

What is Social Media Marketing or Social Media Advertising?

Social media marketing or Social media advertising is the practice of leveraging social networks to create brand awareness and reach a target audience. Social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest are a huge part of the digital marketing landscape and integral part of Social Media Strategy. In fact, social media advertising is the fastest growing digital advertising segment right now. In recent years, use of social media networks has climbed very high and it is impossible to imagine advertising excluding Social media. Digital marketing is all about engagement and these social networks is the place where everyone hangout and so is the best place for advertisement. Companies use these social networks to build their branding and reputation. They create engagements using news and announcements about their business which in turn increases the conversion.Every company has Digital strategy for Social networks and without it there is no success.

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